2019 AYC Centerboard Regatta

Information and Registration Page for this years’ Centerboard Regatta to be held October 26 and 27.

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The 2019 AYC Centerboard Blue Chip regatta is going to be special. This year we have a double printed long sleeve T-Shirt that is being offered to competitors in a limited edition of sizes. There will only be 48 of these T-shirts provided on a first bought basis. The front is a commemorative design from the 705 feet and survived Lake Travis Flooding [and is reminiscent of the event in concept ] which cancelled last year’s regatta in a record manner. The backside is original art by James Bland based on photography by Champion Rob Coutts. Register early to get one. The remaining orders will be filled with just the 2019 print version.


Who’s Racing?

Entries for 2019 Centerboard Regatta Registration

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Name Boat Type Boat Class Last Spinnaker
Fred Schroth AERO 9 Portsmouth Schroth No
Stephen Burke   One Design Burke No
victoria stones sunfish0 One Design stones No
Inaki Arriagada   One Design Arriagada No
Orion Yen Opti One Design Yen No
Charles Yen Opti One Design Yen No
Tom Presswood Sunfish One Design Presswood No
William Cranney FJ One Design Cranney No
Philippe Bettler F18 (Tiger) Portsmouth Bettler Yes
Philip Myerson RS Aero One Design Myerson No
Michael Rohrer F18 (C2) One Design Rohrer Yes
Gregory Matous Optimist One Design Matous Yes
Quentin Baker RS Aero One Design Baker No
Ryan Mitchell Opti One Design Mitchell No
Ethan Froelich   Portsmouth Froelich Yes
Catherine Froelich RS Feva Portsmouth Froelich Yes
Fiona Froelich C420 Portsmouth Froelich Yes
Noah Goris Opti One Design Goris No
Lukas Goris   One Design Goris No
Caleb Man Laser One Design Man No
Will Rottgering Nacra 20 Carbon FCS Portsmouth Rottgering Yes
jim casto Prindle16 Portsmouth casto No
Mike Beuerlein C2 F-18 One Design Beuerlein Yes
Mike Brown Sunfish One Design Brown No
Vivian Heitkoetter FJ One Design Heitkoetter No
Calvin Brock Opti One Design Brock No
Jackson Brock Opti One Design Brock No
Stewart Draheim Sunfish One Design Draheim No
Peter Frissell Finn One Design Frissell No
Storey Evans Optimus One Design Evans No
Bruce Zurbuchen Thistle Portsmouth Zurbuchen Yes
Rob Coutts finn One Design Coutts No
Rowan de la Reza opti One Design de la Reza No
Evelyn de la Reza opti One Design de la Reza No
Jeremy Sutton Laser One Design Sutton No
Yuval Sela Opti One Design Sela No
William Michael Optimist One Design Michael No
David Michael FJ One Design Michael No
Patricia Manning Sunfish One Design Manning No
Sylvie Mathis Catalina 16.5 Portsmouth Mathis No
John Bartlett Moth One Design Bartlett No
Craig Berleme Laser One Design Berleme No
Shelley Cartier Laser One Design Cartier No
Ed Pierce Laser One Design Pierce No
Jeff Sabuda FJ One Design Sabuda No
Owen Crouse Nacra 5.7 (Double Handed) Portsmouth Crouse No
Jennifer Loehlin Harpoon 5.2 Portsmouth Loehlin Yes
Jeff Sabuda FJ One Design Sabuda No
Louise Miller Sunfish One Design Miller No
Annie Lancaster Sunfish One Design Lancaster No
Name Boat Type Boat Class Last Spinnaker
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Displaying 1 - 50 of 52 1 2