2019 Fleet Challenge



Schedule of Events

12:00 –  1:30 – Calcutta (see info below) in the Clubhouse; some snacks and drinks will be provided

2:00 – 4:00 – DF95 Races at the Pavilion; The lineup is almost finished.   See info below about buying your team a throwout (or three)!  An area for spectating will be set up along the shore because the Pavilion will be too crowded to hold everyone.  Bring shade and chairs and coolers and binoculars and cameras and help make this a party!!  We are working on a sound system and display set up so you can hear the commentary and see the standings! 

4:00 – 6:00 – Games at the Pool and Patio;  These will also be scored for your fleet, so plan to ‘play’!  

6:00 – 9:00 – BBQ Dinner (RSVP to the EVITE so we have enough food!), Dark and Stormy Bar sponsored by the Bartletts, Ice Cream Bar sponsored by the AYC Membership Committee, Music (DJ Cassie Shankman is back!), and, of course, the Awards!

Fleet Challenge Scoring

There are FOUR SCORES that will contribute to the overall finish.  The winner of the Fleet Challenge will be the fleet with lowest total of these FOUR SCORES:

  1. FUNDING – Final rankings will be done at the end of the day after the Calcutta and throw out funds are added.  Standings will be available through out the day and donations accepted on the fly!
  2. PARTICIPATION – Number of people who donate is also ranked at the end of the day.
  3. DF95 RACE FINISH – Each Fleet’s highest finishing competitor will determine the Fleet rank.
  4. GAMES – Tokens are given to winners of any game.  There will be scorers waiting to add those tokens to your Fleet tally.  The total number of tokens will determine the Fleet rank.  

Current Standings

Current standings are based on FUNDING and PARTICIPATION. Last updated: 8/31/19 5:30 pm

Calcutta Details

The Calcutta is about betting on competitors in hopes of winning part of the total bets (the pot) for your Fleet. This has NO effect on the Fleet scores in racing, but can have a really big effect on the Fleet scores in funding!  The basics are:

  1. Every Fleet can have up to two competitors race for them. 
  2. Anyone from any Fleet can try to ‘BUY’ any competitors for their Fleet 
  3. This year, we will begin with a Silent Auction where bids can be placed on paper (or a board) for each competitor.  This will close fairly soon after noon.
  4. Competitors that have more than $200 in bids will be brought up for AUCTION!  Jeff Brock is serving as the auctioneer again!
  5. Winning bids for each competitor go into a ‘pot’ and are entered as pledges with names (you will be billed!) and designated Fleet
  6. The owner(s) of the competitor who gets FIRST overall in the racing gets 50% of the whole ‘pot’ credited to their fleet; SECOND gets 30%THIRD gets 20%.  
  7. If no one ‘buys’ a competitor and they get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the % of the pot goes to their Fleet.  

DF95 Racing & Throw Outs

  1. The SCORING will be based on each skipper’s total finishing points (low point system) after applying any purchased throw outs.   If a Fleet has two Competitors representing them, only the best on-the-water scoring Competitor for the Fleet shall be scored in the Fleet Challenge overall scoring.  
  2. Up to THREE throw outs can be purchased for each competitor.  
  3. One throw out can be purchased before the racing begins for  $100.  They are for sale NOW!  Send an email to to buy them.  Include your name and fleet and which competitor it is for.
  4. During the racing, up to TWO additional throw outs may be purchased at any time for/by each competitor for $250 each.  If five or less races are completed, there will be up to two throw outs counted.  If six or more races are completed, then there will be up to three throw outs counted.

Throw outs can completely change the overall standing for the Races as well as who wins the Calcutta Pot, so both stand to benefit!  

How to Make a Pledge

Make a pledge by sending an email to with the amount, Fleet, and which of the following methods you will choose for donating:

  1. Credit card:  Go to the Austin Community Foundation website ( and select the red button on the top right of the screen to DONATE.  Scroll down a bit to find where you can select an organization to donate to and type in Austin Yacht Club.  Fill in the amount and leave a note in the ‘In honor / memory of’ section with the Fleet your donation should be credited to.  Done! 

  2. AYC membership billing:  Your pledge will be billed to you along with your normal AYC monthly dues.

  3. Cash or Check:  Mail or drop off a check or cash at the Austin Yacht Club office with one of the Forms filled out that you will find at the club or a note with your name and the Fleet designation on it.  Checks should be made out to RASA (Roadrunner Amateur Sailing Association), which is the component of the AYC Fund that can process grants and has a bank account