2019 Indian Summer

  1. Sunday 9/8/19 (RC J/22) Strong SSE breeze, all races completed
  2. Sunday 9/15/19 (RC A-Fleet) Variable Breeze from many directions, all races completed.
  3. Sunday 9/22/19 (RC B-Fleet)
  4. Sunday 9/29/19 (RC Multihull). Note to the J24 Fleet: Due to a limitation of the scoring software your fleet is shown with 2 throw outs instead of 1. This error will be corrected after the Week 5 races.
  5. Sunday 10/6/19 (RC J/80)

PHRF (A, B, Multihull A)

OD (J/80, J/22, J/24, Ensign, Catalina 22, SouthCoast 21)


Multihull B