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April Commodore’s Report

Commodore Barry Bowden
If you haven’t raced lately at AYC, you may not have noticed that, after 35 years, our main race committee boat has had a facelift. John Bartlett had recommended that we eliminate the hard top that a lot of us have left pieces of skin on through the years.

With the help of his welder, the old top was removed and a new soft top with headroom to handle almost any club member and a new front door that won’t give you a concussion were installed. The marine head that everyone noticed and caused them to take a breath as soon as they stepped on board was replaced with a nice curtain and a camping toilet that can be used if necessary. While they were at it, there were new windows placed so you can stand up and drive and actually see where you are going.

The flags on top have been reinstalled and we will soon have them so you can tell one flag from another when several are flying. The wiring was all replaced thanks to Bay Peterson and then the boat took a trip to Fred Schroth’s Fiberglass shop for a nice new paint job. This paint job was helped along by a lot of volunteer work by Fred Ford scraping and painting the hull.

After this task was accomplished, we had a suggestion from Barry Thornton to redo the sound system downstairs and install a wireless microphone. Tom Cunningham has been helping Barry with this project. Soon we will be able to have meetings downstairs and have everyone be able to hear what is happening.

Our manager Jackie Wheeless came up with an idea to enlist volunteer probationary members to help with after series races food and snacks. We have been served some great meals as a result of this and some of our newer members have had an opportunity to meet more of their fellow members while providing hungry racers something to eat.

We have been able to host the J22 Circuit regatta and the Easter Laser Regatta and an upcoming J70 Circuit regatta. These events are some of the first we have been able to host since the lake levels have dropped.It has been nice to see some out of town visitors to our club with these events.

None of these things could have been accomplished without the involvement of member volunteers. This is the spirit that makes the Austin Yacht Club such a great place to spend your time. There is always something that you can help out with regardless of how long you have been a member. Volunteering to make things work is the best way I know of to get even more out of your membership. We are always looking for members to help out and I promise you will be rewarded by getting more out of your membership by helping out wherever you can.

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