Cold Weather Sailing Gear

Here are some links to cold weather sailing gear. APS is one of the largest retailers of sailing gear in the country. They also offer a discount to sailors who are members of official high school teams. Information on that can be found here.

Wetsuit – required for winter season

Spray Top/Pants – A spray top is required for winter season. Make sure that it leaves extra room for base layers

Gloves – required for winter season

Boots – required for winter season

Socks – recommended for winter season

Base Layers – required for winter season

Helmets – recommended for all seasons

Life Jackets – recommended for all seasons

**Some of these items are rather expensive so I would recommend checking with Academy, Dicks, and REI for wetsuits, base layers, and maybe even boots and socks if they have them. The Gill 3 Season Gloves are a very good value for the money and they hold up very well over time. Spray tops are one item that is very sailing specific and a quality spray top is a very essential piece of gear to have. Spray pants are not quite as essential (and not required for winter season), especially when wearing a wetsuit but they help keep you warm and dry.

Please contact Coleman Terrell at (512) 266-1336 or with any questions.