Commodore’s August Article

WE are the Austin Yacht Club. Yes, AYC has nice
facilities, but those facilities are not AYC. This Club is
not an “it” but an “us”. The “WE” are you and I and
the other members around us at the Club.
WE are a volunteer run organization. The operation
starts with the nine volunteers who serve on our
Board. Then WE run sailboat races, have after-race
meals, give out awards, support youth sailing,
organize major regatta, plan fantastic parties, teach sailing, mentor new
members, monitor our clubhouse and guest cabins, oversee our marina, and
maintain our grounds. WE run this million dollar a year operation with only
three employees and a handful of contractors.
I am constantly reminded of how WE step forward without hesitation when
emergencies arise. Danny Lien did not hesitate when oak wilt was discovered
on our grounds. Thankfully he immediately took charge of a project that will
take a lot of his time. When our office needed temporary staffing, Annie
Lancaster and a load of volunteers stepped in. Members knew what needed
to be done.
Why do WE do this? I think there is something that WE feel about our Club.
It is a deep sense of responsibility and love for AYC. So think about that the
next time you are out at the lake having fun. What you are enjoying is what
WE have done and who WE are. I am very proud to be part of the Austin Yacht Club.
Wade …..