December Commodore’s Report

Top Ten Reasons I Enjoyed 2015 at Austin Yacht Club

It is hard to believe my year as Commodore of the Austin Yacht Club has come to an end, but before the year ends, I wanted to share the Top Ten Reasons I had such a great year as your Commodore.

  1. The lake filled up—and the LCRA adopted a new water plan to hopefully keep from emptying it so fast when it does not rain.
  2. The docks all got moved back into the harbor and we have such nice easy access to the docks.
  3. We finally have a plan to add two new sets of steps to make it easier to get to the docks.
  4. We replaced Dock 5 with a new dock, and now the last of our old pipe and foam docks are gone.
  5. We purchased four new board boat docks for the Junior dock and will be getting nine more just like them in the next year.
  6. We upgraded the cabins with new beds, linens, and window coverings to make them look like really nice places to stay. And people have been renting them in record numbers.
  7. We added Coleman Terrell to our staff to assist our Sailing Director, Kate Noble.
  8. The Junior Program has a new RIB and dock to make it easier to coach our young sailors.
  9. Our fleet of FJs is being used more and more. Lessons are being given to teach members to sail double-handed centerboard boats and our Fleet Challenge using the FJs continues to have great attendance and fund raising.
  10. We have a new Board of Directors led by Commodore Molly Lewis, who will lead the Austin Yacht Club to another great year in 2016.

I had such a great time serving as your Commodore and I am glad you gave me the opportunity to do so. I think everyone will agree that my list, and probably some things I missed so I could keep it to just ten, shows what a great place we have in the Austin Yacht Club.

We have such a wonderful staff led by our General Manager Jackie Wheeless, Tom Cunningham, groundskeeper and all-around helper, and Sailing Director, Kate Noble. It was a pleasure working with all of them and also the Board of Directors that served with me. I am looking forward to the future at the Austin Yacht Club.

Barry Bowden
2015 AYC Commodore