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Sailing is a prefect way activity for anyone who enjoys water sports and outdoor recreation. Sailing can be exciting or relaxing. You can compete in racing or take a leisurely sail with your family and friends. Regardless of age, ability, or limitations, sailing has something for everyone.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at sailing, this is your chance. You will spend 4-hours learning the basics and actually taking the tiller to steer a 20-28 foot sailboat. Each boat is hosted by an experienced AYC Teaching – Skipper who will guide you all the way.

What you will learn:
• How to tie a Cleat Hitch and a Bowline
• Basic sailboat parts and terminology
• Points of Sail and Sail Trim
• How to Tack and How to Gybe
• Basic introduction to boating Rules of the Road

$59 for non-member and $29 for AYC Members

Upcoming Sessions on September 4.

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