FALL SERIES documents are posted

All documents are now posted online.

Hard copies will be made, and available no later than Saurday

Changes from last series

NOR : minor change in wording about scoring for MH fleet.
Order of Starts – we moved J80 up to 2nd. 
Sailing Instructions :There are two changes of significance, both are for safety concerns.  Both are easy for sailors to understand and follow.  

There are 2 new “obstructions” on the race course.
1. Leeward yellow buoy : 3-boat length “zone” around it, is an obstruction, for fleets not rounding it.  This will allow boats which rounding the leeward yellow mark, to finish their turn and begin sailing away on port, before encountering a starboard spinnaker boat in their immediate path.
2. Start line is now an obstruction, after the start, for boats who are racing.  This will prevent fleets from sailing through the start line during other fleet starts.  We have had multiple instance of spinnaker boats coming through the line during other fleet starts.  Although this obstruction will impact downwind tactics, we believe the safety concern makes it necessary.
Jim Casto Race Commander

512-633-6653 if you have any questions