Feb 2016 FURs

  1. Sunfish/Laser Wednesday Night Series, 04/27-09/28, 6pm, Ed Hill
  2. Explore Austin Sail, 04/16, 1pm-4pm, Kate Noble
  3. Big Brothers/Big Sisters Take a Kid Sailing Day, 08/06, 6pm-11pm, Mike Beuerien
  4. FJ Training Series April, 04/01-04/29, 6pm-8pm, Kate Noble
  5. FJ Training Series May, 05/06-06/03, 6pm-8pm, Kate Noble
  6. J22 Fleet Austin Circuit Stop, 05/13-05/15, 5pm-5pm, Bob Mathison. Additional comments: This is to replace FUR approved in January for the weekend of March 11-13.
  7. Beacon Ridge Townhomes HOA meeting, 03/22, 7-9pm, Rick Nelson
  8. SEISA Team Racing Champs, 4/23-4/24, 8am-3pm, Maximilian Neinhardt
  9. McCarthy Cup, 04/30-05/1, 8am-3pm, Maximilian Neinhardt
  10. Sea Scouts-Sometimes Island Sail Day, 04/02/16-04/03/16, 6pm-6pm, Chris Schuttger
  11. J24 Spring Informal Regatta, 03/12, 8am-6pm, John Parker
  12. TAMEST Staff Retreat, 04/05-04/06, 9:30am-3:30pm each day, Mary Beth Maddox

Previously approved FURs:

1. Tamest Staff retreat, 02/17-02/18 (e-voted approved 02/04)