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Governor’s Cup History

Governor’s Cup Trophy

The AYC Governor’s Cup Award was created in 1962 to entice participation from other clubs and was awarded to the visiting club with the largest number of boats in the event, this continued until 2005 when the Gov Cup event was discontinued. The award was retired until 2007 when it was re-commissioned and re-furbished (pictured below) and awarded to the winner of the most ”Competitive” boat in the Leukemia Cup Regatta. When the Leukemia Cup was discontinued in 2009 the award was once again retired. […] I am glad to see your NOR reintroduced the award, as an additional incentive to increase participation in the Governors Cup regatta.””–Also attached below a few other details of the award from the 2007 Telltale.”

Governors Cup Award at Leukemia Cup – October 20-21, 2007
At the Leukemia Cup Regatta, we will see the re-commissioning and award of the AYC Governors Cup Trophy. The AYC Governors Cup Trophy was originally commissioned and awarded in 1962 to the traveling club that fielded the largest number of boats in the then AYC Governor’s Cup Regatta. Since its inception, it attracted members from other clubs around the state and helped build AYC’s reputation as a great sailing venue. The Governors Cup for many years was the first event in the very popular city of Austin sponsored AQUA FESTIVAL which attracted many yet to become sailors to the Club. Although the Governors Cup Regatta was initially so named to simply provide panache to the event at our fledgling club it became a major central Texas event. In 1983 AYC was able to attract the presiding Texas State Governor (Mark White) to present the Trophy to the winner, Dallas Corinthian Sailing Club. The Governors Cup Trophy had been retired since the last running of the Governors Cup Regatta in 2005. However, to preserve AYC history and tradition, this large Trophy has been polished up, updated and given a new lease on life. In 2007 it is being re-commissioned as an annual racing award for the most Competitive Boat at the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Yet another reason to tune up, sign up, and support a great race and an even greater charitable cause.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Trophy pictured above is for illustration purposes only. The appearance of the actual AYC Governor’s Cup Trophy may vary. Any similarity to other lesser-known sailing trophies is purely coincidental 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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