January 2017 FURs

Romberg Reunion, e-voted. Approved.

Wild Turkey Rescheduled, e-voted. Approved.

Red Eye Regatta, e-voted. Approved.

New Year’s Eve Party, e-voted. Approved.

Ensign Meeting and Dinner, Jan 21. e-voted. Approved.

Q1 Regatta, Jan 28. e-voted. Approved.


Free Sail Sunday, 01/08-05/21 most Sundays. Approved.

AYC Racing School, 01/14-02/11, Sundays before Frostbite. Approved.

US Level 1 Sail Training, 01/21-22 and 01/28-29. Approved.

J24/J22 Multihull Fleet Social, 01/28. Approved.

Super Bowl Party, 02/05. Approved.

EOS Valentines Party, 02/11. Approved.

US Sailing Leve 1 Instructor Course, 02/11-14. Approved.

NSPS Demo Day, 2-17. Approved.

February Race Committee Training, 02/19. Approved.

High School Parent Orientation, 02/21. Approved.

Jr Sailing Parent Orientation, 02/22. Approved.

Race Mgmt for Permanent RC, 03/04. Approved.

Opening Day Unregatta, 03/05. Approved.

Learn to Race, 03/11. Approved.

ASA Instructor Clinics, 03/17-23. Approved.

Advanced Sail Training, 03/25. Approved.

John Bartlett Sail Training, 04/01. Approved.

Scott Young Sail Training, 04/22. Approved.

April Learn to Sail, 04/29. Withdrawn.

May Women’s Clinic, 05/6-7. Approved.

Sail 4 Kids, 06/03. Approved.

June Women’s Clinic, 06/10-11. Approved.

Beginner Learn to Sail, 09/23. Withdrawn.

Sept/Oct Women’s Clinic, 09/30-10/01. Approved.

J-24 Texas State Champion Circuit Stop, 09/30-10/01. Approved.