January 2017 LRC photos and support docs

Noted Items with facilities that need immediate attention


Gate Post on Locking side – Rusted out at bottom.  A safety Hazard to feet.

Photo 1   –    Shows the overall pool area where there is damage.

Photo 2   –   Shows the rusted areas around the bottom of post. 

The gate area being the most hazardous as kids can get there feet cut on the rusted post.

Kid’s Play Ground

Photo 3                  –    Shows the seating area outside the pool where kids play in the shade.

Two of the seats are unattached and wobbling where kids can lose balance.

One board is splintering.

Club House

Photo 4                 –   South side ramp rail up to the club house has rotting rail cap.

Photo 5   –   North side ramp up to the club house has rotted rail caps. A hazard to hands.


Photo 6   –   Cabin 2 – Tree limbs racking the roof and tearing up the shingles.

Screens are torn letting in animals that can damage equipment.

Photo 7    –   Cabin 3 – Sun Shade is tearing apart in two corners and needs repairs or replacement.



Long Range Plan Overview

Long Range Plan Critical List

Long Range Plan Replacement List