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July Commodore’s Report

The question of whether Lake Travis will ever fill back up has been

answered in a resounding manner. The fact that Texas is a state that

exists in a permanent state of drought, interrupted by periods of intense

flooding, has been proven once more.

The years of improving the area of the club for our docks, with

amazingly good results, are over. We are back to what our long time

members remember as “normal”. Also gone are the days of being able to

drive up to your dock and not deal with steps. The result of having a full

lake to play on is worth the effort.

During this flooding time, I would like to personally thank two of our

members who assisted Tom Cunningham during the worst of the flood.

Ryan Harden and Tom Lappin spent the night of the Turnback Canyon

party helping Tom with the huge task of letting out the cables on our

docks . These are the types of volunteers that make the Austin Yacht

Club such a great place. All of our membership benefits from their


The work on restoring the harbor with better access will be continuing

for a time. We have plans to add two access points with metal stairways,

one of which may be able to be installed before the end of the year.

These changes will provide our docks with the access improvements

that the LCRA has been asking us to make for a number of years.

Lakeside Marine has done a great job in keeping our club usable during

the past few weeks and helping us to develop a much more accessible

dock complex.

The Roadrunner Regatta and USODA Mid American Championship and

Texas Junior Laser Championship was held on the June 20-21 weekend.

Once again the Roadrunner team, led by Jeff Brock and Stefan Froelich,

did an outstanding job of planning and executing our largest event in

several years with participants from all over the country. It was great to

see how the Austin Yacht Club can host a major event and do it so well.

Having Lake Travis back to its full size has increased the interest in folks

who are not members coming out to see what it looks like. This has

caused us to make a more visible No Public Access sign on our gate. If

you see someone who may not be a club member, please go and

introduce yourself, and be sure they have a reason to be at the club.

We want to be a friendly and welcoming place, but we do not need to

have uninvited guests who might not treat our club as well as our

members do.

So, if you have had the excuse that the lake is so low you can’t launch

your boat, or any of a number of other excuses, come on back to the club

and enjoy yourself. Things may be a bit busier than they have been, but

joining in the fun is the best way to make being a member even more


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