Junior Sailing Program

The Austin Yacht Club is a leader in youth sailing education in Central Texas. The “Roadrunner” Junior Sailing Program provides the opportunity for youth to develop the skills and confidence necessary to spark a life-long love of the sport. Our Junior Sailing Program runs from March to mid-November with course offerings for junior sailors of all ages and levels of experience. Now open to the public!

Preseason Sailing

Beginning in January of 2017, we will offer an 8-week preseason for our Opti 3 and Laser classes. Any sailor who has participated in at least one season of Opti 2 is eligible for this preseason practice. The schedule is as follows:


*All sailors must be equipped with proper cold weather sailing gear to participate. This includes a wet suit or a dry suit, neoprene sailing boots or neoprene socks, and cold weather sailing gloves. 

Opti III Preseason Registration

Laser Preseason Registration


Opti I: Beginner 

No sailing experience necessary! This introductory program is designed to teach sailors ages 8-12 the basics aboard our fleet of Optimists and Picos. Curriculum emphasizes the basics of sailing terminology, seamanship skills like knot tying and rigging, and boat handling.

Fall Opti I Registration

*Our Fall Opti I class is now full, please contact the Sailing Director for any additional learn to sail opportunities.

2016 Opti I Schedule:




Opti II: Intermediate & Opti III: Advanced

Opti II & III groups share practice times. These practices are led by two coaches so that Opti II & III can be separated by skill level for chalk talks, drills, and activities as needed. Opti II curriculum focuses on refining boat handling skills and introductory racing skills and concepts. Opti III racing is for those sailors who are interested in the highest level of competition. This curriculum is geared towards improving racing tactics, advanced boat handling, and knowledge of the rules. Opti II & III practice is offered twice a week. Sailors have the choice of attending either practice or both. All registrants for Opti II & III must have approval from the AYC Coaching Staff.

Fall Opti II Registration

Fall Opti III Registration

2016 Opti II/III Schedule:










Laser curriculum focuses on boat handling and racing skills, rules, and tactics. Laser practice is offered twice a week in the Spring and Fall. Sailors have the choice of attending either practice or both. Must have prior sailing experience approved by the AYC Coaching staff.

Fall Laser Registration

2016 Laser Schedule:








Flying Junior

No prior sailing experience necessary! Flying Juniors (FJs) are double-handed (two-person) boats. Inexperienced sailors will be partnered with experienced skippers. Curriculum is focused on boat handing and racing skills, rules, and tactics. All participants must be at least 12 years of age.

Fall FJ Registration 

2016 FJ Schedule:





2016 Junior Sailing Program Fees






*Per Season




Private Lessons

If you cannot find a training option that fits your needs and schedule, or if you prefer a more private approach, AYC offers private lessons that can be scheduled at your convenience! Whatever your needs are, our US Sailing certified instructors will work with you to tailor a training experience that’s right for you. Per Person Hourly Rate

# of Students

 Hourly Cost Per Person

1 Person


2-4 People


Lessons for groups of 4 or more may be arranged upon request. To arrange for private lessons, send an email to AYC’s Sailing Director


For questions about Junior Sailing at the Austin Yacht Club, please contact AYC’s Sailing Director at (512) 266-1336 ext. 103 or send an Email to AYC’s Sailing Director