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Launching, Docking, & Parking

Lake Travis is a variable level lake, so our launching situation changes from time to time. On the date this page was updated, Lake Travis was FULL at 681’+ MSL. MSL refers to the “mean sea level” elevation of the lake.

View the latest Lake Travis water level

AYC Launching Ramps

  • Main North Ramp, concrete, in sight of the AYC clubhouse. This ramp is. good above about 628’. Concrete ends at 622’, with a drop off below that.
  • South Cove Ramp, concrete, becomes usable around lake level 650’.
  • End-of-point Ramp, graded lake shore, shallow slope, available below about 628’.
  • Metal Ramp, steep slope. From the lower level of the point, good from about 620’ to 630’.

AYC Temporary Dock Space for Visiting Sailors

Visitors to AYC may arrange overnight dock space for Friday and Saturday. We have a limited number of empty slips. Contact the AYC office to arrange for a place to dock your boat.

Mast Stepping Poles:   Visiting sailors may use the mast stepping poles, located near the main north ramp. Please avoid blocking the space around these poles if you are not actively using one to raise or lower your mast.

Trailer Parking:  Use AYC Upper point, the area just past the north ramp, or the middle levels of the point, depending on lake level. To reach the middle level, drive to the end of the point then down the concrete driveways. Please exercise care on these driveways, as other traffic may be traveling in the opposite direction.

Auto Parking:  Use marked spaces on pavement near the Clubhouse. Additional parking is on the hard ground close to lake level, near the docks, and on the level above that within sight of the docks, and below the point. To reach these additional parking areas, drive down the concrete ramp at the end of the point.

View the AYC Aerial Property Map It shows key locations on our key faculties (Clubhouse, Parking, Ramps).

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