March Telltale Keel Fleet A Update

For some reason, the Keel Fleet A update I submitted did not appear in the March Telltale.  For those of you interested, here it is:

Keel Fleet A Update

The frostbite series lived up to it’s name with chilly northers making for challenging conditions.  We resume this issue with the third of the series where John Burke, once again, pulled off an amazing start when, in the last minute of the sequence, a left shift gave him the opportunity to start at the pin and cross the fleet on port, definitely a ballsy move in A fleet.  He maintained his lead to give him a first.  In the third race John Bartlett was enjoying a Coors Light moment before the start which allowed him to watch the KHF fleet A start from a Cypress Creek vantage point.  He was able to claw his way back to a second place even with the late start.  Over all, the series was handily won by Ray take-no-prisoners Shull followed by John Burke and Ed Taylor, all in J80s.

There has been a small, vocal minority in the fleet advocating for splitting the fleet into long distance (AKA cruising) courses and round the buoys courses.  Our initial application with the permanent race committee has been turned down, but there is a movement afoot to work around this issue.   Keel Fleet A and the permanent race committee both share a commitment to encouraging participation and enjoyment of the sport.  It is our hope that we can work out a solution that meets this objective without putting an undue strain on the folks in race management.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bruce McDonald, Keel Fleet A Captain