Almost New Schaefer 550 Furling Drum System

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$ 600.00

This is a slightly used Schaefer 550 Furling Drum system in almost new condition. Unit has only been used on lakes -- no salt. Was used at Turnback, Wurstfest and a handful of other races on Travis that had a reaching leg on the course. Does not hold enough line for my screecher but should work great for a jib.
Schaefer 550 Furling Drum List: $660.60
Schaefer 550 Arm Bracket and Bullseye List: $88.70 (Picture is incorrect -- shows a cam cleat)
Shaefer 550 Snap Shackle Adapter: List $219.50
Does not include the upper swivel.
Mauri Pro Sailing has this for $751.35

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