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Multi-Hull Fleet

Welcome to AYC’s Multi-hull Fleet…

… the fleet for Trimarans and Catamarans. Here’s where you can learn about the fleet’s activities and multihull racing information. The Multihull Fleet participates in all Series Races at AYC, as well as local and Regional Regattas.

With so many different types boats, multihull racing at AYC is scored using handicap ratings. Currently, we use PHRF Time-On-Time for trimarans and and for catamarans we we are changing from Portsmouth to SCHRS.

2022 Fleet co-Captains: Bill Coon & Bo Kersey

Multihull Fleet Ratings Committee : consists of 3 members-  Bill Coon, Bo Kersey & Jim Rehage who maintains a database of ratings numbers (i.e. not the Keelboat PHRF Committee).

The current list of multihull ratings (including PHRF, Portsmouth, SCHRS) is stores on Here on Google Drive.

Additional resources: Corsair reference PHRF sheet (from RegattaNetwork)

US Sailing info on PHRF

The AYC Scoring Committee uses the current list of Handicap numbers to produce race scores. Scoring Committee is not the source of the ratings number used to produce the score, only the “consumer”. If you see scoring errors (missing data, wrong PHRF used, etc), contact them at (Do not contact them to have your rating changed due to equipment change, new TOMA certificate, etc.) To change your actual rating number, contact the ratings committee, who maintains the ratings database for the fleet.

Lookup a (old) Portsmouth rating from the US Sailing Multihull Class Tables

explanations about Portsmouth can be found in the Portsmouth Handbook

Beer Can Racing Start Times for Multihulls

Information about SCHRS (coming soon)

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