November 2018 Commodore’s Report – Post Flood Update

Hello Members,

First of all, I want to thank the staff and membership for the remarkable response to the impending flooding of Lake Travis. Your help prevented a disaster and minimized the damage that occurred. 

We now have to be patient while the club is restored to its pre-flood condition. We have met with the insurance adjuster and have examined our flood insurance policy in anticipation of a claim. Furniture and other items have been returned to the clubhouse and the power is turned on. We still need to test the water heaters, AC units and septic system. 

Once the water recedes from the dry sail area, lower parking lots, and ramps, we need to wait for ten days to two weeks before using them.  Therefore, the Centerboard Regatta and last two races of the Fall Series are cancelled. 

We’re hoping to be able to have the Wild Turkey Regatta as scheduled. 

Due to the bathrooms in the clubhouse and both bathhouses being out of service, members may use the porta-potty in the parking lot or the bathroom in cabin 6 (if the cabin has been unlocked).

As we’re all aware, rumors normally get started when people try to make sense of an ambiguous situation.  To understand a situation, people will start making guesses to the best of their understanding, based on their experiences; and before you know it, a rumor has started.  Please be very careful to verify information before passing it along as fact. 


Volunteers will absolutely be needed, PLEASE wait for us to call on you with specific tasks.  This recovery will need to be in planned stages.  Once we have the timeline of tasks to be performed we will definitely call on you, please wait to be called on (we’ll either email/call you individually OR send out a member wide email) and PLEASE wait for instructions from the board member, staff member or volunteer who is in charge of the specific tasks you’ve been called on to assist.

Please understand that the safety of our members and the welfare of our club are the most important issues at this time.  

Thank you for your help and patience.

Bill Records