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AYC Series Racing

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2022 Series Racing

2022 Series

Various dates: Series Races

Frostbite Series – seven weekends of racing starting January 8, 2022

Spring Series – seven weekends of racing starting March 12, 2022

Summer Series – six weekends of racing starting June 11, 2022

Fall Series – seven weekends of racing starting Sept 10, 2022

NOR, SI, Order of Starts and more here…

Registration Fee: None
Members Only

MoonBurn Series

MoonBurn moonlight summer night racing on Fridays:  May 13, June 10, July 10, August 12 and September 9, 2022.
Competitors Briefing before each race. Awards after the last race.

Expect starts around sunset, thermal night breezes, very few powerboats, and a unique experience.

Safety requirements in order to race:
+ VHF radio
+ Light bright enough for your sail (for powerboats and sail # at finish)
+ Working running lights (or tape some on from a sporting goods store)

Questions? Ask

NOR, series documents, and more here…

Summer Sunfish & Laser Races Wednesday Evenings


  • Months – April through September
  • Registration Not Required
  • Members and Non-Members Welcome
  • Wednesday Evenings
  • Volunteer Race Committee
Beer Can Friday Eve Races


  • Friday Evenings – April through September
  • Registration Fee: Free
  • No Registration Required
  • Members Only
  • Staggered Start – Reverse Handicap
  • Check the Notice Board for Start Time
  • Self Start – 1st to Finish Wins!
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