Update from August board meeting

Here’s an update on the UTSC issue. The board voted to approve the one-year contract with the Memorandum of Understanding that UTSC is on formal probation. The AYC-UTSC committee will work the next 3 months in creating the procedures and processes that are to be followed by UTSC. The next 3 months will be spent evaluating the effectiveness of these procedures and processes and then the board will decide if the AYC-UTSC relationship will continue. I greatly appreciate the time and efforts of past commodores Johannes Brinkmann and Jim Tillinghast and John Parker have put into this situation.

Also, I wanted to let you know that a number of members came to the board meeting to discuss the Sailing Director position. We are currently in the application process to find a qualified candidate. The board is not considering raising dues to support this position. Most of the members in attendance agreed that AYC is currently understaffed. We love and appreciate Jackie, Tom and Spencer and we want to keep them happy and not over work them.

See you at the Fleet Challenge!

Happy Sailing,