US Sailing Membership Discount

With US Sailing’s MVP program,US Sailing member clubs like AYC get these benefits;

·         Austin Yacht Club members save up to 20% on their US Sailing memberships.

·         The club receives credit for each member who joins through the US Sailing MVP.

·         For example – if 50 members join US Sailing through the US Sailing MVP program – the club would have a $500 credit to use at US Sailing!

·         Save Austin Yacht Club members money and earn valuable credit for the club all at the same time!

Austin Yacht Club’s unique link is  New and renewing US Sailing members can join through this unique link. Use this link to join US Sailing and receive your discount or click the button below.
US Sailing

A portion of our member’s US Sailing dues are directed to the Club’s US Sailing MVP account, giving us access to more US Sailing programs as well as savings on program materials and supplies.

Don’t forget, when you join US Sailing through the Club’s MVP Program, you receive up to 20% off of your US Sailing membership dues.

Youth Membership: $20

Individual Membership: $50

Family Membership: $75

US Sailing is a nonprofit, member supported organization.  Their members contribute to the programs and resources we all enjoy at (Club name)

Please join the Austin Yacht Club in doing our part by joining US Sailing MVP Program today.