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ASA Keelboat Sailing Class

Keelboat Sailing

Prerequisites: None

Private Weekday Classes: We offer private classes year round during the week.  You tell us when you want to train.  Non-member fee is $599 and AYC member fee is $449.  Due to our active racing schedule, Private Classes are usually arranged during the week verses the weekend.  Most private classes consist of three four hour sessions spaced out for your convenience.  Friday afternoon is a great time to sail and a lot of our private students take their sessions then.

Public Weekend Classes:  We also offer public classes six weekends a year. Our public classes regularly sell out.  Our fall public classes are set for Sept. 10-11 (Sold Out), Oct. 15-16 (Sold Out), and Nov. 12-13.  Act now to sign up.

Public Weekend Class Fee: $599 non-member and $299 AYC member

Nov. 12 – 13 (2 spaces left)

Oct. 15 – 16 Public Class is sold out.

Sept. 10 – 11 Public class is sold out.

Topics Covered During the Course:

  • Sailing Theory
  • Tacking and Points of Sail
  • Rules of the Road
  • Required and Recommended Equipment
  • Basic Knots
  • How to Gybe Safely
  • Helm Commands
  • Sail Trim
  • Skipper and Crew Responsibilities
  • Crew Overboard Recovery
  • Mastering Points of Sail and Sail Trim
  • Tacking
  • Gybing
  • Sailing in Tight Quarters
  • Reefing Sails
  • Heaving-to
  • Getting Out of Irons
  • Outboard Motor Operations
  • Introduction to Navigation
  • Introduction to Racing

ASA101 Agenda

After a 3-hour Classroom Chalk Talk, we conduct a detail dockside review of all boat parts and how to rig to go sailing safely.
We like for our students to sail on two different boats under two different Instructors.

Day 1

Saturday 10am—5pm

9:30 a.m. classroom session learning sailing terminology and theory, basic knots, and break for lunch.  Bring a sack lunch to eat while we wrap up class.

1:00 p.m. learn all the parts of a sailboat, how to rig our sails, identify all required safety equipment, and conduct a crew safety briefing.  Then we get underway sailing upwind by tacking, getting out of irons, and heaving-to. Next, we will sail a figure-8 reaching course learning points of sail and sail trim.

Then we learn out to sail down wind by gybing. You will learn how to do a “chicken gybe” in heavy air. You will sail various points of sail calling the proper sail trim, balancing your boat, making your boat go fast, and introduce the “Figure-8” Crew Overboard Recovery Method.

Our philosophy is to give a student a chance to sail at least two different kinds of boats learning from at least two different ASA teaching skippers. This gives you first hand experience sailing different boats and seeing different skippering styles.

5:00 p.m. Return to the dock and put the teaching boat up

Our goal is to get you more than just certified.

Day 2

Sunday 10am—5pm

10:00 a.m. Review and Written Exam

12:00 noon Lunch and Knot Test

Video: Knots Made Easy

1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Water Drills focusing on sailing points of sail by sailing a circle. Master the Crew-overboard Recovery using the Figure-8 method.

Day 3

3 Hours

Overview of Reefing, Sailing all Points of Sail, and Crew Overboard Recovery (COB) Using the  Figure-8 Method of Recovery

We will spend up to three hours refining how to execute a COB recovery in case someone falls off your boat.  You will learn why the Figure-8 COB method is the safest and most repeatable method of MOB.  You will learn why reconnecting the person in the water can be life saving.  We will even show you three alternative methods of COB recovery: Quick Stop, Heave-to, and the Modified Figure-8.

We challenge you to try executing the Figure-8 MOB Method of recovery single handed to get you ready for what could happen some day. and you are by yourself.

You and your shipmates will sail around Starnes Islands with little or no instructor assistance while demonstrating the Figure-8 COB method of recovery. You are now ready to be a certified as an ASA101 sailor. We want you be a better, safer sailor as a result of training with us.Finally, we will explain why reconnecting the COB to your boat can be life saving when someone goes overboard.

Water Skills Test are giving at your convince on either a Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, or a Sunday afternoon.  It will be up to you to schedule your Water Skills Test when you feel ready.

You can take the Water Skills Test up to two times.  You have up to six months to pass your Water Skills Test.  After that, your instructor will allow you to re-take the ASA101 course at a half-price.

Once You Pass, You Are Ready to Skipper Your Own 20-30 Foot Keelboat as an ASA101 Certified Skipper.


Refund Policy:

For Non-AYC members, you must register and pay by PayPal to be officially registered for an ASA101 Course.  Our classes fill up early, so you need to register and pay to insure your spot.

No refund will be granted without a two week (14 day) notice.

No Refunds for “No Shows” or calling to cancel the morning of a class.

For those who missed a class, we will try to work you in on our next Public Session on a space available basis – no guarantees.  However, it is up to the student to work with us  to schedule a make up.

You will need to contact the Head ASA Instructor for a refund not the Austin Yacht Club.

You have twelve months from the date of your registration to complete your certification.

Register for Your Water Skills Test

Please allow 48 hours for us to line up an instructor.

Make Up Session Due to Weather

In the event of bad weather, we may need to schedule a Make Up Session. These are usually on the following Saturday from 10:00 to 3:00.

We will work with you to get your training completed.

Register for a Make Up Session

Challenge the ASA Standard!

Experienced Sailors Can Challenge the ASA 101 Standard!

Fee: $150 only available to AYC Members

Knowledgeable and experienced AYC sailors who have reviewed the ASA101 Standard and consider themselves proficient in each area are invited to “challenge” the Standard to earn their ASA 101 certifications. The challenge consists of two tests; one written and one the water checking out your water skills. The challenge takes about four hours to complete. You will be required to successful demonstrate the required on the waters skills and score at least 80% on the written exam. ASA101 Challenges are only open to AYC members.

ASA101 Certification Challenge
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