AYC Facilities

AYC Grounds Layout website_top_arrow

The map below shows the layout of the AYC grounds, with the front gate at the bottom of the picture, the AYC clubhouse, the work area and boat hoist, the dry slip area for parking boats and trailers (by special prior arrangement), the AYC point for parking trailers (for those who have not made other arrangements), the north ramp used for launching and retrieving, and the main AYC harbor. The Rylander Junior Pavilion houses the youth programs and the south cove launching ramp is usable at higher water levels.


Mast Raise/Lower website_top_arrow

The Austin Yacht Club has two (2) mast cranes for raising and lowering your mast. Feel free to use either mast crane for this purpose. The red circles identify the location of the cranes on the map below.


  • Be courteous to your fellow competitors and leave space for others needing to use the mast cranes. (Do not park in these areas.)
  • If you use mast crane 1, please notice that this crane is lower than crane 2!!! Please remember to raise the boom after raising your mast, and before moving your boat!!!
  • As indicated on the signs, please do not coil the lines. Coiling the lines improperly causes the lines to twist and fouls up the blocks.



Rigging and Docking website_top_arrow

The rigging dock at the North Ramp is regularly used for rigging, but is not intended to be used for boat docking overnight. Please move your boat away from the rigging dock as soon as feasible.

All boats that do not have a permanent wet-slip should plan to dock at the T-heads in the AYC Harbor on Friday and Saturday evenings (green areas on the AYC harbor map below).  Note Dock 2 is shortened with Dock 6 now to the north of the last dock show here.



Accommodations website_top_arrow

When visiting Austin Yacht Club, you have several lodging options including area hotels, nearby AirBnB and VRBO rentals, as well as camping or cabin rental on the grounds at AYC. Please see more details below.


Cabins and Hotels website_top_arrow

We highly recommend you stay with us at the AYC cabins or camping at the club. For alternative accommodations, please book in advance and check out the two nearby hotels listed below:


Camping website_top_arrow

Remember that camping is allowed at AYC! We are fortunate that our club has ample lawns and shade trees where you are encouraged to camp for the regatta and where you will enjoy beautiful views of Lake Travis.


Please camp only in the areas shown in green in the map below. Please do not camp on the St. Augustine grass around the clubhouse or around the flagpole or swimming pool. The bathhouse has showers and hot water and is open 24 hours. We now have rental space for up to 2 30 amp RVs with a holding tank clean-out connection. Contact the office for reservations.