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Gate Clicker Code Change Instructions

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To re-program your gate opener for Wednesday, MARCH 6TH:

Access to the gate opener’s toggle code switches is achieved by removing the tiny screw on the back cover (you will need a tiny phillips head screwdriver) of the opener and separating the 2 parts of the case (may need to gently “pry” the two cover pieces apart with your fingernail or a dull-edged knife or screwdriver).  You may also have to remove the battery to have easy access to the toggle switches.

Using a small pointed object (such as a paper clip) gently switch the “10” switch UP to the ON position (it is currently “down” ).

Next, reinstall the battery and replace the back cover inserting the bottom clip into the front groove, then replace and tighten the screw. You have now re-programmed your gate opener!!!!

If you have ANY problems completing the re-programming of your gate opener, please come by the office Wednesday – Sunday from 9:00 – 5:00 and the staff will assist you.

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