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Summer Camp Collage

The Austin Yacht Club offers a summer camp for kids ages 8-16. This is a day camp, for 5 days. Kids will learn how to sail small sailboats, and develop the sailing skills for sailboat racing. They will make new friends during the week of the shared experiences on and off the water. Other activity includes possible craft projects and swimming in our pool. The type of activity depends on daily local weather sailing conditions. Camp Sessions available from 06/15/2021 to 08/07/2021.

***** Summer Camp has cancelled for 2020. ******


Our PB&J program offers weekend morning short sailing camps for kids ages 4-10. We have excellent teaching techniques devised here at AYC that enables young kids to get into sailing at a young age. PB&J Sessions available from 06/06/2021 – 08/01/2021.  

****** PB and J Camp has been cancelled for 2020 *******

Kids having fun at our Austin Yacht Club Sailing Camp.

FJ Sailing Summer Camp

Teen Sailing Laser Summer Camp

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