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Within the Austin Yacht Club (AYC) racing is focused into five one-design fleets and two handicap fleets. The handicap fleets allow nearly every sailboat manufactured to race in a time adjusted (i.e.: handicap) competitive environment. The two handicap fleets are centerboard (non-ballasted) boats and ballasted or keel boats. The Keel Handicap Fleet or Keel Fleet establishes Local PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) ratings to adjust elapsed racing times to allow different speed potential boats to race on an competitive basis. The Austin Yacht Club Keel Fleet is a member of US Sailing.

For handicap racing at AYC you need to have a Ratings Certificate on file for your boat (in its racing configuration) in order to be properly scored for regattas and series races. If you are new to racing at the club, are sailing a different/new boat, or made some physical changes to your boat, please submit a Ratings Review (see link below) so the the Ratings Committee can update the records. Your scorers will thank you.


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Here are the PHRF ratings for  AYC:   PHRF Ratings                 Fleet Splits for 2018

Download PHRF Rating Application Form:
 Blank Rating Application form (PDF)  Fillable form (PDF)

Download either form and email or submit to the office. Forms are available in the office also.

Contacts and Other Documents:

2019 January Keel Fleet Board Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Keel Fleet Officers

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 Keel Fleet Officers

Keel Handicap Fleet BYLAWS

Keel Fleet Race Documents

PHRF Committee 2018

PHRF Ratings Procedures Feb 2010