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Youth Sailing Education Programs

The Austin Yacht Club is a leader in youth sailing education in Central Texas. The Junior Sailing Program provides the opportunity for youth to develop the skills and confidence necessary to spark a life-long love of the sport. Our Junior Sailing Program runs all year with course offerings for junior sailors of all ages and levels of experience.

Please see the website calendar for all practice times!

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

We are temporarily not offering private and semi-private lessons. Please check back in Spring 2022!

$35 hr/person

1 to 4 sailors
save $20 if you register for the 8 hour bundle

Junior Sailing Summer Camps

The Austin Yacht Club offers multiple summer programs for kids ages 4-16. The Summer Sailing Camp is a five-day day camp that provides a unique summer sailing experience on Lake Travis that teaches 8-16 year olds to sail small boats. The PB&J Summer Sailing Series is four weekly lessons for younger children to get comfortable on the water and learn the simple basics of sailing.

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High School Sailing

for students 8th – 12th grades

AYC has a robust and energetic high school program that is growing rapidly! This high school program is open to everyone in 8th-12th grades. 

The focus of this high school program is twofold. Most importantly the sailors will learn the basics of sailing, rigging, and introductory racing. Once the sailors have mastered these skills, the curriculum will switch to advanced racing tactics, boat handling, and an intense knowledge of the racing rules of sailing. There is no sailing experience required to join this program! 

High School Schedule:

Spring season: March – May

Summer season: June – July

Fall season: August – November

Winter season: November – February (weekends only)

Register for High School Sailing

High school practices will be broken down into three groups: A Team, B Team, and C Team. These groups will each have two practice days per week after school from 5:00PM-7:30PM.

The following high schools have Sailing Teams and students may also receive PE Credit. Contact your school counselor for more info. 

Lake Travis High School 

Westlake High School 

Sterling Classical School 

Once you have registered, you will be assigned to a group and we will make a practice schedule for that group. 

Opti Programs

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Opti I: Beginner

No sailing experience necessary! This introductory program is designed to teach sailors ages 8-12 the basics aboard our fleet of Optimists and Picos. Curriculum emphasizes the basics of sailing terminology, seamanship skills like knot tying and rigging, and boat handling. Sailors will be considered ready for Opti II when they are comfortable sailing independently upwind in 13-15 knots.

March – May

Saturdays 3:00PM-5:30PM


Sundays 10:30AM-1:00PM


August – November

Opti II: Intermediate

The course curriculum focuses on refining boat handling skills and introductory racing skills and concepts through advanced racing tactics and strategy. Opti II has ranging skill levels from recent Opti I graduate to experienced sailors. 

All registrants for Opti II must have approval from the AYC Coaching Staff. 


March – May

Saturdays 11:30AM-2:00PM


August – November

Opti III: Advanced

Opti III practice is for those sailors who are interested in the highest level of competition. This class is geared towards the sailors that travel to regattas on weekends, so the practice schedule is structured around the TSA regatta schedule. For seasons with two practices per week, sailors will have the option to attend one or both practices. 

All registrants for Opti III must have approval from the AYC Coaching Staff.


March – May
Wednesdays: 5:00pm-7:30pm
Saturdays: 9:00am-2:00pm


June – July
Wednesdays: 2:00pm-5:00pm


August – November
Wednesdays: 5:00pm-7:30pm
Saturdays: 9:00am-2:00pm

Laser and Flying Junior Class

The Laser and Flying Junior (FJ) class is for sailors who either have no experience sailing or have a little bit of experience and are interested in learning more in these boats. This is a great option for new or experienced sailors who are interested in learning more but are too big for an Opti and still too young for the high school program. Although, high school sailors are also encouraged to join and get some extra practice on the weekends! This class combines the use of singlehanded (one-person) and double-handed (two-person) boats to round sailors out with a full education. Beginner sailors will usually start off in a Flying Junior (double-handed) to learn about boat handling, points of sail, and rules of the road. The Laser part of the class will be focused on refining boat handling skills and introducing racing skills and strategy. The minimum age for this class is 12 years old.

Laser and FJ Class Schedule:

Spring: March – May on Sundays 2:00PM-4:30PM

Fall: August – November

Laser and FJ Class Registration

Youth Fees Per Season

ProgramAYC MemberNon-Member
Standard Fee (1 practice / week)$200$350
High School Fee$200$300
Additional Practice/Week (if applicable)$100$100
Bring Your Own Boat Discount($30)($30)

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