AYC Fund – Apply for a Grant

The AYC Fund Board carefully considers all grant applications that are consistent with the Fund’s mission to provide financial assistance “to teach competitive sailing, develop amateur athletes for national and international competitions, develop sailing judges, race officials, instructors and coaches, and foster national and international sailing competition in the Austin area”.

Activities, events, and projects eligible for funding

  • Entry fees and other necessary expenses for participation by Austin-area sailors in a national or international sailing competition, with priority on events that require qualification or invitation.

  • Funding of local training events for sailors, judges, race officials, instructors, and coaches.

  • Financial assistance to encourage national and international sailing competitions to be held in the Austin area.

  • Financial assistance for Austin-area events that promote interest in competitive sailing.

  • Financial assistance for the acquisition of boats and equipment necessary for teaching sailing and for conducting sailing competitions.

  • Grants to support and develop local sailors for competition at the national and international level.

  • Other activities, events, or projects determined by the Fund Board to be consistent with the goals of the Fund

Application Process

Please download and complete the AYC Fund Grant Application Form and submit the completed form along with any supporting documents via email to:

The AYC Fund Board reviews requests upon receipt. Considerations include consistency with the AYC Fund mission, projected costs, qualification process for competitive events (if applicable), and available funds.

As a general guideline, the AYC Fund aims to distribute approximately half of the annual contributions received on grants. Once approved, grants from the AYC Fund are made through the Roadrunner Amateur Sailing Association (RASA) whose mission is to “distribute funds to individuals and groups for the purposes of fostering national and international sailboat racing competitions and to support and develop amateur sailors.”