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The scoring information for boats currently racing at AYC is available from the links below. If information is not correct please submit a new registration so that we can correct it.

PHRF                                    One Design                        Multi-Hull

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Keel Fleet Championship 2017

Wild Turkey Regatta 2017

Single-handed Regatta 2017

Independence Cup 2017

Turnback Canyon Regatta 2017

Governor’s Cup 2017

Red-Eye 2017

2017 Fall Series

2017 Late Summer Series

2017 Suffering Summer Series

2017 MoonBurn Series

2017 Dog Days Series

2017 Summer Series

2017 Spring Series

2017 Frostbite Series


Wild Turkey

Governor’s Cup

Chaparral de Mar Regatta

Single-Handed Regatta – Pictures


Independence Cup

MoonBurn Regatta

Turnback 2016

 ————– Previous Events —————

2016 Fall Series

2016 Late Summer Series

2016 Dog Days Series

2016 Summer Series

2016 Spring Series

 2016 Frostbite Series

2015 Fall Series

2015 Late Summer Series

2015 Dog Days Series

2015 Summer Series

2015 Spring Series

2015 Frostbite Series

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2016 Red Eye Regatta

2015 Wild Turkey Regatta 

2015 Governor’s Cup

2015 Centerboard Regatta

2015 Independence Cup Regatta

2015 Turnback Canyon Regatta

2015 Redeye Regatta

2015 Multihull Results

2015 MonoHull Results

2015 McCollum Cup Winner

2014 Events

Opening Day Regatta Race Results

Red Eye 2014 PHRF

Independence Cup 2014

Centerboard Regatta 2014