Racing Documents

2020 Series Racing

Series Racer Registration link: Please register your boat, sail number, and skipper name. Enter one unique sail number per boat, please. This is a one-time sign-up for all 2020 series races. Registration helps the on-the-water race committee. It also allows your scoring committee to have your data in the database for quicker scoring results on race day.

2020 Fall Series:

NOR    Sailing Instructions    Order Of Starts    Competitor Briefing    

Long Distance (LD) Courses Card (using 2018 version)

2020 Opening Series:

NOR     Sailing Instructions   Order of  Starts

Long Distance (LD) Courses Card (using 2018 version)

2020 Frostbite Series:

NOR        Sailing Instructions     Order of  Starts

Long Distance (LD) Courses Card (using 2018 version)

2020 AYC Race Committee Boat Usage Request

Request Here

**The request must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the event**

Race Committee Documents (1)

Mark Locations  (and distance & calculations)

GO-NO-GO Chart with Hypothermia Chart

2017-2020 World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing

RC Handbook – Training Manual (2019 edition)

Austin Yacht Club Race Committee Policy


Scoring – RACE FINISH SHEET (2018)

Scoring – Handbook (how to) (2019)

Scoring – Request for Scoring Review

Performace Racing Fleet (PRF)

The latest information about the Performance Racing Fleet (PRF) is at this link.

Previous information:

PHRF Certificate –  ALL boats racing at AYC are required to have a Rating Certificate on file in order to be scored, including One-Design fleets.

Download Ratings Review & Certificate Form:
 Blank Ratings Review form (PDF) Editable form (PDF)

Download either form and email or submit to the office. Forms are available in the office also.

Here are the PHRF ratings for  AYC:   PHRF Ratings  (Last updated February 2018)

PHRF Committee

Beer Can Friday Eve Races

Current Beer Can Races NOR and SI, including start times

Early Start Times – 2017

May-August Start Times – 2017

2020 Fall Fling Fleet Regatta

October 10: NOR Sailing Instructions Event Page & Registration

October 11: NOR Sailing Instructions Event Page & Registration

October 17: NOR Sailing Instructions Event Page

October 18: NOR Sailing Instructions Event Page & Registration

2019 Series Racing

Long Distance (LD) Courses for 2019 (using 2018): 2018 LD Courses Card

2019 Fall Series : NOR   Sailing Instructions Order of Starts 

2019 Indian Summer Series :  NORSailing InstructionsOrder of Starts 

          On October 6, on Ensigns:  2019 Chaparral de Mar Regatta

2019 Indian Summer Series : NORSailing InstructionsOrder of Starts

2019 Summer Evening Series : NOR, Sailing Instructions, Order of Starts

2019 Late Spring Series : NOR, SIsOrder of Starts

2019 Spring Series : NOR   Order of Starts   SIs 

2019 Frostbite Series: NOR,  Order of Starts,  SIs

2019 Regattas

2019 Centerboard regatta : NOR, SIs

2019 Turnback NOR, SIs

2019 Governor’s Cup, NOR, SIs

Racing Information and Tips

Start Clinic Presentation

AYC Tactics

Starting Tips-1

Be the Shift


Points of Sail Diagram

Overview of Sailing Rules:

2018 Series Racing

2018 Fall Series :  NOR   Order of Starts  SIs

2018 Indian Summer Series :  NOR   Order of Starts  SIs

2018 Dog Days Series :     NOR      SIs       Order of Starts

2018 Late Spring Series :    NOR      SIs      Order of Starts

2018 Spring Series :    NOR          SIs         Order of Starts

2018 Frostbite Series :    NOR  SIs       Order of Starts

2018 Regattas

2018 Centerboard regatta : NOR, SIs,

2018 Turnback NOR, SIs

2018 Governor’s Cup, NOR, SIs, Order of Starts, map

2017 Series

2017 Fall Series NOR           2017 Fall Series SI

2017 Fall Series Order of Starts

2017 Late Summer Series NOR      2017 Late Summer Series SI

2017 Late Summer Series Order of Starts

2017 Suffering Summer NOR               2017 Suffering Summer SI

2017 Suffering Summer Order of Starts

2017 Dog Days Series NOR                   2017 Dog Days Series SI

2017 Dog Days Series Order of Starts

2017 Summer Series NOR                     2017 Summer Series SI

2017 Summer Series Order of Starts

2017 Spring Series NOR                        2017 Spring Series SI

2017 Spring Series Order of Starts

2017 Frostbite Series NOR Change 1
2017 Frostbite Series SI -Change 1

2017 Frostbite Order of Starts

2017 Regattas

Governor’s Cup  :  NOR,    SIs

Turnback NOR

Centerboard NOR

2017 Course Card

2017 New Race Flags

2016 Series and Regattas

2016 Turnback:  NOR   SIs

2016 AYC Fall Series Order of Starts

2016 Fall Series NOR

2016 Fall Series SI

Notice of Regatta-Chaparral Del Mar – 2016

2016 Single Handed Regatta NOR

2016 Late Summer Series NOR



CB-NOR 2016 w Registration v2

2016 Dog Days Series NOR

2016 Dog Days Series SI
2016 AYC Dog Days Series Order of Starts

2016 Summer Series Race Documents
2016 Spring Series Race Documents

2015 Series and Regattas

2015 Fall Series NOR
2015 Fall Series SI
2015 Fall Series Order of Starts
2015 Late Summer Series NOR
2015 Late Summer Series SIs
2015 Late Summer Order of Starts
2015 Dog Days Series NOR
2015 Dog Day Series SI 
2015 Dog Days Order of Starts
2015 Summer Series SI
2015 Summer Series NOR
2015 Spring Series SI-final

2015 Turnback Regatta:   SIs

2014 Races and Regattas

2014 Fall Series SI
2014 Fall Series NOR
2014 Late Summer Series SIs
2014 Late SummerSeries NOR
2014 Dog Days NOR
2014 Dog Days Series SIs

Wild Turkey NOR 2014-3
Notice of Race Governors Cup 2014
Centerboard Regatta Notice of Race
Independence Cup NOR 2014
2014 Long Distance Course Marks

Race Committee Documents and Forms (2)

2018 RC Handbook – Training Manual (2018 edition)

2017 RC Committee Handbook
2016 AYC Course Marks Map


PRO – PRC Work Sheets

2017 PRO Course Card

IYachtCalc Instructions – On the Water iPad

iYachtCalc Data File – Yachts.csv – 10-30-16

iYachtCalc Race File – Races.csv 


2017 Competitors Course Card

2017 PRO Course Card – For course selection

2017 PRC- Duty and Race Schedule

AYC Chase Boat Equipment List – 2017



PRO Fleet Duty Check List

PRO Assignment Work Sheet

Race Signal Flags:

Start Sequence Flags:

SailFlow App, Weather Where you Sail:

Event Management Documents

KHF Race Documents
Scoring Input